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GP Pharm technologies, expertise in drug delivery systems and outstanding team generates more potential commercial opportunities than what we could independently take advantage off. Strategic partnership becomes then a necessary and key point to achieve our mission of bringing our science to the society by developing products from the laboratory to the market.

In order to position our Science in a worldwide setting, GP Pharm has established strategic alliances and other partnerships for the OUT - LICENSING, supply and distribution of finished products in specific territories. Presently, GP Pharm alliances with strong partnerships allow the company to position its products in most of Europe, Latin America, MENA region and Canada while is active in the introduction of its portfolio in US and Asia. Furthermore, GP Pharm’s international presence is complemented by the presence of our Affiliates in South America:GP Pharm Argentina, GP Pharm Peru, Laboratorios Raffo (Chile) and Honimell S.A. (Uruguay).

By means of CO-DEVELOPMENT partnering, GP Pharm provides the possibility to sell future rights to market its products in development to companies that wish to collaborate with the company in the pharmaceutical and clinical development, or registration thereof, in order to accelerate their development and / or access to major world markets. All these opportunities exist for products and projects mentioned in this web and represent a real opportunity to engage in interesting and innovative projects.

Taking advantage of the knowledge of the Spanish pharmaceutical market, GP Pharm has an established network of hospital sales to market its own products in Spain, focusing primarily on urology and oncology. Currently GP Pharm has 10 commercial delegates covering a vast majority of Spanish Urology and Oncology centers. With the objective to complement and reinforce its portfolio GP Pharm established mutually successful IN-LICENSING partnerships with companies that have no presence in Spain or through co-marketing agreements, generating partnerships in medium and long term. GP Pharm is always looking for business opportunities to strengthen its existing portfolio.

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